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New!! Knit cap becomes dish warmer!

"Hat warmer!"

Norwegian hand knit cap, becomes dish warmer

This picture is a bit old. . . it was taken Thanksgiving 2010. We cooked greens for our family get together and needed a way to keep them warm on the car ride to my brother’s house. Aha! Grab that old cap I knit about 10 years ago. It worked perfectly!

2/2 ribbed brim turned down

It actually made the perfect dish warmer!

Turn down the brim and it fit.

Greens arrived still hot!

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Garter Stitch Borealis Wrap

I wanted something fun and easy and colorful to knit. I worked up this wrap using two strands of silk. I also did a few rows in Glace from Berrocco and then some novelty yarns that I had in my stash. Unfortunately the labels were lost long ago. The dark blue stripe(s) near the bottom were knit in a novelty yarn I bought in France in 1992. . . finally used up the last of it here.

I knit it from the top down using garter stitch.
The fronts are increased like EZ’s pi shawl and the back is increased along a center 10 stitches, similar to faroese shape.

This shawl definitely cured my itch.

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Freeform Knit Vest

Well, I’ve finally finished this vest. . . it was meant to be a jacket but I didn’t like how the sleeves looked on it. But it is really comfortable and fun as a vest.

The base yarn for this vest is knit in garter stitch swatches in yarn I bought in Ireland 6 years ago. I love how it feels, durable and warm. I think I have enough left to knit a “regular” sweater.

Champagne Vest

Hand knit freeform vest

I started this vest during the 2008 summer Olympics. . . yup. . . I started it that long ago but it is done! (Unless I add sleeves to it)

Freeform knit vest

Champagne vest button band

The buttons are from a box of buttons that my mom gave me. . .I think they are some kind of animal horn or wood. . . all I know is that they are not plastic.

Free form knit champagne vest

Collar view of vest

The button band and collar are knt in Lamb’s Pride yarn from Brown Sheep. I knit the sleeves out of that too but they didn’t turn out how I wanted. I tried to make champagne glass shaped color pattern for the sleeves. But they are too bulky.

Champagne Vest left front view

Free form knit Vest

Free form knit vest

Champagne Vest front right closeup

Free form knit vest

Finally - a view of the back!

I had so much fun crocheting the little circles. . .white in the center and pastel colors on the outside! Except one day I did too many and got a cramp  in my thumb!

Knit Free form vest

Bottom of back

free form knit vest in Donegal tweed wool

upper left shoulder of back


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Freeform knit and crochet fans


I’ve started to destash my fancy yarns and am selling it on Ebay

Check it out!!

There is a total of 390 yards of 39 different colors of yarns in 10 yard increments.

Yarns included are silk/mohair/cotton/wool/ribbon.

Save money and get some fun yarn to play with.

Right now all I’ve put together are blues – but stay tuned or more colors!

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I’ve finally warmed up!

Yes it has been cold here. . . last night 15 degrees below 0. . .and I just finally warmed up. (meaning, I’ve been too cold to blog). Believe it or not

Though cold and chilly with numb fingers, I have been busy knitting. . . I started a bohus sweater. I got THE book on Bohus knitting, “Poetry in Stitches” and decided I HAD to start a sweater. Only one slight problem. Yarn. I actually had 15 oz of Fairy Hare fiber (called for in many of the patterns) but not enough of one color for the body&sleeves. Being the compulsive person that I am, I decided to forge ahead and just fill in the colors on the body and sleeves as I used up the yarn. The top part looks pretty good. But keep in mind I only have about 3 more oz of the burgundy color and will then have to switch to one of the other colors you see here. I decided to go for “blocks” of color and not “stripes”. bohusbeginning.jpg

I also started a freeform knitting project. My friend Ellen, went to Beijing and brought back some yarn for me. It is a mutlticolored earth tone yarn. . . .but don’t know what it is. I gave it the old test of fire. . . and it, smouldered, melted and burned. Seems to me like it may be a blend of poly/wool/and?? It flamed, smelled like burnt hair and part of it squiggled and danced like melting plastic. I can’t even guess at the fiber content from the label because it is in Chinese characters. Anyway, I found some complimentary colors and started knitting. I haven’t done one like this before. . . I am knitting on the piece itself as I change directions. (I usually knit pieces and them sew them together)Here is an almost finished back.freeformback.jpg

And I have been knitting a pair of socks. I don’t necessarily liked striped socks, so when this yarn was on sale I bought it but decided I would try to knit wavy stripes. Ah ah, feather and fan results in waves, add a few cables and here you have it.ffsocktop.jpg

It’s a bit difficult to see the Feather and fan pattern but I am getting a nice scallop. Of course I didn’t swatch and this sock will fit Ellen. (it is small and she wears a size 6 shoe) and for me ( a size eight) I will have to add about 12 stitches. And I already know where I will add them. . . hee hee. Now I’m anxious to finish these so I can start the pair for myself. Since I started knitting socks, and wearing them, I only want to wear hand knit socks. mmm mmm good. got to get knitting. . .

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